The tourist product of the island, including selected accommodation, restaurants, bars, shops, yachting and diving companies, etc., will be featured in the travel show “Destinos Del Mundo”, which is distinguished for its content, direction and image quality, as well as the cutting edge technology that it uses.

It is broadcast by the leading travel TV channel and established television platforms, like Canal+, attracting the interest of more than 22,000,000 viewers with a strong travel profile, who belong to upper income strata and to luxury Tourism, from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru , El Salvador, Panama, the richest nowadays US states such as New York, California and Illinois, as well as Spain and Portugal.

The advantages of the show include strong social networking, as well as a large number of re-airings of the episodes, more than four on an annual basis, which of course multiplies the effectiveness of the promotion.

Humberto Urban (Producer), Anette Asbun (Host), Olga Pico (PR and communication), Mario Giralda (First Camera Man), Andrés Alberti (Second Camera Man), Camera Assistant, Rodrigo Peláez (Camera Assistant) Roxana Vargas (General Assistant).

Source : Aegean Islands Promo

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