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Wednesday, November 25, 2020
THE URGE TO be with family for the holidays is strong, even during a deadly—and surging—viral pandemic. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising that Americans just stay home. Like many people, my wife and I wanted to travel across the country to see her over-age-65 parents, but we hoped to do it as safely as possible....
“LOOK AT A single flag,” artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg asks visitors to her art installation in Washington, D.C., a field with more than 248,000 white flags rippling in the breeze—one for each person who has died from COVID-19 in America. “Now conjure up a story. Think of it as a school teacher who just lost her life,” Firstenberg says. She paints...
Dubai:Emirates airline is offering UAE travellers a range of destinations across Africa, Europe and Asia to fly to during the upcoming National Day holidays. The destinations include Cairo, Nairobi, London, Bangkok, Zurich, Geneva, Casablanca, Maldives, Seychelles, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Mauritius. Fares range from Dh 1,925 to 3,595 for economy class, and Dh 6,005 to Dh 14,505 for business class. The...
Dubai: A number of countries have resumed visa services in the UAE amid COVID-19 pandemic allowing holiday makers to travel abroad during the winter holiday season. Those planning to travel abroad now need to follow some new guidelines while applying for visas to travel abroad. As the global travel industry has cautiously come back to life after months of inactivity,...
1 of 13 New York: Santa Claus is coming to the mall _ just don't try to sit on his lap. Despite the pandemic _ and the fact that Santa's age and weight put him at high risk for severe illness from the coronavirus _ mall owners are going ahead with plans to bring him back this year. But they...
(CNN) — So far a total of seven passengers have tested positive for Covid-19 aboard the SeaDream 1 cruise ship docked in Barbados, according to two passengers on the ship. Passengers who have tested negative for the virus will be able to leave the ship and travel home, Gene Sloan and Ben Hewitt told CNN on Friday. They are both among...
 It's been a tough year for travel lovers around the world. Passports have started to collect dust and a walk down the road now feels like an exotic experience. There's high hope that travel will return in 2021, which means a return to joy for many of us. To keep those spirits high, we've rounded up some of our...
It is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with a capital that is four centuries older than Rome. Its language, heavily influenced by Arabic, is spoken by more than 236 million people in nine countries. This is Portugal, a beautiful land steeped in culture, where you will find the latest in technology seamlessly coexist with the oldest in...
Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Roriz, 65, used to create the magical world of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival with its colorful costumes and fantastic floats.Image Credit: Reuters 2 of 6 Now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, he is using his art to make masks that don't attempt to disguise or accentuate but to be as real as possible.Image Credit: Reuters 3...
Dubai: With a bit of reinventing to cope with the pandemic, you can almost say that Dubai's nightlife is back. Over the last decade, nightlife in this city has always been a major attraction for both residents and tourists. With over hundreds of dance clubs across the city, there was always an opportunity to party. Whether you like hardcore hip hop, Desi...


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