The municipal company kdeppam, in the context of its development role, and considering the appeal of our municipal authority for the marketing and consumption of local products, is addressed to all local food distribution and marketing businesses and invites them to prefer the purchase of products from its farmers and breeders Our Island.
At the same time it is addressed to all the inhabitants of the island and urges them to consume local products of Mykonos and cyclades, since they have guaranteed quality and nutritional value.
This market behavior has been proposed to the market for years by kdeppam in an effort to promote and strengthen the primary sector of production, especially now that we are going through a difficult economic period due to the pandemic (SARS-Cov-2), a time when it should be Focus on the strength and unity of our local community.
We also hope that prices are slowly shaping up in a proportional way in relation to the financial difficulties of the market.
In Mykonos there are small gardens that produce very valuable agricultural products and you can see this site to know about the cost of hydroseeding in Minnesota. Discover them to know its importance. Animal Farming can also meet the needs of the local market in meat and dairy products. For example, we mention products of our place:
Cheese, tyrovolia, graviera cheese (boiled), milk, yogurt, kopanisti, niarḗ, meat, louza, sausages, eggs, mykonian kapsimádi and dough products, wine, Glykadi (Vinegar), beer, Suma, tomato, groceries, seafood, fruit , legumes, honey, Marzipan, and other household goods
All together we can do better!