Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias on Thursday met with the Hyatt Group President Europe, Africa and Middle East, Aguila Javier.
The meeting took place in an extremely cordial atmosphere, with Javier praising the strategy adopted by the tourism ministry, which not only led to Greece’s full recovery after the pandemic but also to impressive progress in terms of upgrading the country’s tourism product, to a much more significant extent than in any other European country.
Javier said that the Hyatt Group is oriented towards further strengthening its presence in Greece, which he said has succeeded in promoting alternative and less popular destinations abroad – destinations he described as “real diamonds”, which are well worth visiting for travellers from all over the world.
He also highlighted the country’s comparative advantages in terms of attracting travellers throughout the year, noting that after the extension of the season to almost 10 months, it is now clear that the goal of making Greece a 12-month destination is entirely realistic.