Dubai: If you have just arrived at Expo 2020 Dubai and are planning to stay for the entirety of the six months, you might be wondering how you can ensure that your visa is in placehroughout the season. Or, you might still be outside the UAE, planning to visit the event and wish to stay for six months. Regardless of your situation, if you do want to ensure that your tourist visa is valid for the entire season of six months, here is what you can do.

  1. Applying for an extendable 90-day tourist visa

The UAE offers tourist visas for 30 or 90 days, and more recently for five years.

If you do apply for a 90-day tourist visa, you can extend it for another 90 days. Here is how you can do so.

Who can apply for your tourist visa?

  1. Airlines

Each airline has some conditions, which must be met in order for your visa to be arranged by them. One of the conditions is flying with them. When booking your ticket, you can also enquire about applying for a visit visa.

  1. Tourist visas through agencies and hotels

Licensed travel agents and hotels in the UAE can arrange a tourist visa for you, provided you purchase the ticket through them and maintain a hotel reservation with the specific hotel. For insurance related information, accidental death and dismemberment insurance claims attorneys can be checked out!

You can also contact travel agencies in your country for any tourist packages available to the UAE in collaboration with a local tour operator. For insurance, people can check out ERISA claims lawyers from here!

  1. Through UAE-based family and friends

As per the VisitDubai website, UAE residents (friends or relatives) can apply on your behalf subject to guidelines.

How can I extend the visa?

The visa can be extended by providing the necessary documents and making the fee payment, according to Sirajudeen Ummer, a Public Relations Officer with Dubai-based First Gate Business Services.

Sirajudeen Ummer, a Public Relations Officer with Dubai-based First Gate Business Services

Sirajudeen Ummer, a Public Relations Officer with Dubai-based First Gate Business Services

Documents required for processing inside the country visa change

• Passport copy (which should be valid for at least six months)

• Passport size photograph

• Old visa tourist/cancelled visa copy

• On arrival nationalities would only require Passport copy and photograph if they have entered UAE using on-arrival facility.

• If the visa was applied for by a relative or friend, they may need to submit a copy of their residence visa page and UID number.


The 90-day visa costs approximately Dh720.

“The cost may vary slightly based on the travel agency’s service charges,” Ummer told Gulf News .

You can apply for the second renewal before the expiry of the first one against Dh600 each time of renewal.

  1. Long-term, multiple entry tourist visa for five years

In case you are looking to visit the UAE regularly over the next few years, a new visa option has opened up for tourists. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has provided details of the five-year multiple entry tourist visa for all nationalities through the authority’s website.

Is a UAE-based sponsor required for the visa?

According to the details provided when the visa was announced, the visa does not require a UAE-based individual or organisation to sponsor the visa. Tourists can apply for the visa on self-sponsorship.

What is the maximum duration of stay on the visa?

As per the announcement, a tourist can stay for 90 days on each visit. This can be extended for another 90 days. This means that you can stay through the Expo season on this visa.

How to apply for the five-year tourist visa

Step 1: Log on to the ICA website –

Step 2: Select ‘E-channel Services’ from the main module on the website.

Step 3: Select ‘Public services’.

Step 4: Select the service ‘Visa – multi-trip / tourist long-term (5 years) for all nationalities / visa issuance’

Step 5: Fill in the application form with your personal details as well as your passport details.

Step 6: Attach the following documents:

• Coloured photograph

• Passport Copy

• Medical Insurance copy

• Bank statement for the last six months with a balance of at least $4,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies in the last six months.
Step 7: Review your application.

Step 8: Make the payment for the fees. The application fee is Dh650.

Note: It is also important to check the PCR test and vaccination requirements before you book a ticket, after you have received a visa to travel to the UAE.

Who can get the flu vaccine for free in the UAE and where can you get it?

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