Craving a real vacation? As in, outside your house, your town, and even your home state? Michelob Ultra wants to give you just that.

In honor of Michelob Ultra’s new Organic Seltzer, the brand is rolling out new ads featuring a few stunning destinations. And sure, that’s cool, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. We’re here to tell you the brand is also giving away very real trips to its commercial destinations.

“We’ve spent last summer sharing virtual hugs through digital screens and livestreaming events from our living rooms; now with the nation starting to re-open and travel picking back up, the prospect of enjoying a real summer is within reach” Ricardo Marques, vice president of marketing at Michelob Ultra, says. “Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer believes that real is always better, that’s why we will be rewarding our fans and their friends with an epic summer in real-life experience.”

Fans can enter to win a trip starting on May 26. All they need to do is snap a photo of the QR code featured in the ads, which will route them to a website where they’ll be entered to win one of the curated vacations. If they win they’ll even be able to bring three of their friends or family along. Here are the three vacations up for grabs along with a little information from the brand:

Mixed Berry Meets the Berry Islands

This trip is all about getting out into the crystalline waters surrounding the Bahamas. “We’re hooking one winner up with a celeb-worthy nautical experience throughout The Bahamas’ most exclusive destination, the Berry Islands.”

Mango Magic Hour in Hawaii

Seriously, at this point who isn’t dreaming of Hawaii? “One lucky crew will be scooped from the airport in a luxe car, taken to a beachside retreat, and enjoy a private mango-infused luau and jam session with a live band.”

A Citrus Escape to the Sunshine State

To match its citrusy flavor, the brand is giving away a citrus-filled trip to Florida. “Our Citrus flavor will take one winner and their friends to a luxurious vacation home in the Florida Keys, with a multi-course dinner prepared by a private chef in an Insta-worthy orange grove.”

The sweepstakes will be open through Labor Day (Sept. 6), with the winners being announced shortly after. To learn more, follow @MichelobULTRA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube or visit