We have homestays by the beaches, treehouses amid forests, resorts atop mountains, and also hotels under the water. But that seems too banal…How about a hotel that is actually the space? Yes, this space hotel will soon be a reality. The construction of the world’s first-ever space hotel, Voyager Station is due to start in low Earth orbit in 2025. Experts are planning to launch the hotel by 2027. It will have rooms for 400 people. What’s more, the hotel will have restaurants, a spa, and a cinema too.

The outside of the hotel will have rotating pods. Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC), which is developing the hotel, has planned to build a spinning wheel in the Earth’s orbit with the aid of robots. The pods will be attached to the outer edges of this wheel. To ensure that guests can stay comfortably, artificial gravity will be generated which will be like the gravity found on the moon’s surface.

Source: en.protothema.gr