Whether you’re living in Athens or just visiting for a few days, it’s well worth venturing beyond the frenetic pace of the city centre to discover greener pastures. From the north side of the city and charming verdant suburbs like Kifissia, to the National Garden near Syntagma square and the new Experience Park in Elliniko, there is always a way to enjoy the outdoors in scenic and peaceful areas.

Bring along good company and a sense of adventure, a willingness to explore and an appetite for long walks (you’ll need it when you reach some of the impressively expansive areas we list here) and essential supplies to make the most of your time.

The Experience Park, Elliniko
Just off the Athenian Riviera, the city’s newest green meeting point and Europe’s largest coastal park is the perfect place for leisurely walks, outdoor gatherings and children’s activities in its large, green spaces.
From “walls” of fountains that are particularly refreshing on a hot summer’s day and impressive to watch at night to its 55,000 plants and 500 trees, this impressive space near Elliniko metro station is ideal for an early morning walk or some post-work rebalancing.

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Source: en.protothema.gr