With a view to the 2021 tourist season, Mykonos – Santorini Aegean Islands Promo by www.flyingtogreece.com has designed and implemented Mykonos promotion activities in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

With the aim of attracting high-income and high-profile visitors, the project team and the Ambassador of HACC New York, Kostas Skagias, hosted high-ranking executives of the leading Bahrain-based travel agency, Almobtaker Travels, in Mykonos.

During their visit, they had the opportunity to get to know the destination up close and experience the authentic Mykonian hospitality. At the same time, the possibilities of cooperation between Mykonos – Santorini – Aegean Islands Promo and Almobtaker Travels were discussed, “opening the door” of the incoming luxury tourism from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in general.

Almobtaker Travels is one of the leading travel agencies in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and operates B2B and B2C in Kuwait. Through the cooperation with Gulf Air, until last year, it promoted travelers from these countries to Greece, with direct flights to Athens and Mykonos (seasonal flight). These flights were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the interest remains “alive” both for the resumption of travel flows to Mykonos and for their increase.

Following the visit of the executives of Almobtaker Travels, events are planned, at the end of January – beginning of February, such as roadshows in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in order to promote both Mykonos and Santorini, as well as Athens and Paros.

The program www.FlyingToMykonos.comwww.FlyingToSantorini.comwww.FlyToGreekIslands.com by www.FlyingToGreece.com , continues to dynamically promote Mykonos and its members for the next tourist season, with targeted actions and always with the aim of attracting luxury tourism visitors.


Kostas Skagias
~ Ambassador of Mykonos representing the HACC of NewYork
~ Corporate Relations Manager & Representative For MTC Group Tourism Consulting Company of Municipalities of Greece
~ Mykonos Based Yacht Marina, Old Port

Contact E-mail: info@flyingtogreece.com