International consultant group Resonance recently released their ranking of the best cities in the world–an annual tradition that our very own city finds itself a part of time and time again. And this year, NYC found itself as #3 on the list!

Though of course in our hearts NYC should’ve been #1, the third spot is still pretty good when you’re looking at 100 different cities all over the world!

Resonance bases their ranking on six core categories–place, programming, prosperity, product, people, and promotion.

Factors such as weather and safety, attractions and nightlife, restaurants, education, income equality, and culture are considered, and only cities of metropolitan areas with populations of more than one million are looked at.

For NYC’s rank at #3, they acknowledge that “after a hellish two years, few places on the planet were as ready to relaunch as NYC.”

The greatest city in America—lauded and crowned in our rankings for the past seven years and in countless others for many more—was a ghastly reminder during the pandemic of the vulnerability of even the colossal and seemingly all-powerful; we saw here what awaited the rest of the country. And the world. As early cases spiked, Gotham became the nation’s nightmarish coronavirus core.

They note that nearly 70 million people visited the city in 2019 and invested $46 billion across its expansive quilt of Sights & Landmarks (putting us at #13 on that global ranking), and NYC has done what it can post-pandemic to bring those people back to the city alongside apprehensive New Yorkers themselves.

According to Chris Heywood, former executive vice president, global communications at NYC & Company, “We’re anticipating being back to 85 percent of 2019 levels within the year. We have benchmarked 2024 to be back to previous record-setting numbers.”

Looks like 2023 is going to be our year!

As for what which cities beat us out? It was none other than London, England, and Paris, France! Though we’re not happy about being beaten out, we do know have friends across the pond in London and Paris who can help show just how wonderful those cities are!!!