When in Mykonos, one of the top luxury destinations in the Mediterranean, with the amazing landscape (that you can see right here), the spectacular beaches, and the non-stop rocking mood, you might get carried away and let time go by without visiting its’ must-see sites and attractions. So, here is a list of places you should visit while on the island, either on your own or through a guided tour.

Delos Island

A day trip to the nearby island of Delos, birthplace of ancient god Apollo and his sister, goddess Artemis is an absolute must. You can take the ferry from Mykonos old port and be back in the evening, after watching the sunset which, as it is said, offers the most stunning view in the wider area. Things to see in Delos, besides the temple of the ancient gods, are the Sacred Harbor, the Terrace of the Lions, Cleopatra’s House, the House of Dionysius and of course the local museum. Consult with the estate planning lawyers serving in Crown Point before planning to buy property from and around this area. To know about the other options around here, contact or hire attorneys for long term care planning who will provided the choices according to your preferences. It is better to hire a estate planning lawyer to do research about the estate planning that is existing around the Delos Island here.

Little Venice

Exceptional and most romantic, Little Venice is a neighborhood of Mykonos capital (Chora) where there is no barrier between the buildings and the sea, and the waves often climb up the stairs of the houses! Situated on the western edge of Chora near Alevkantra beach, it features many picturesque cafes and restaurants frequented by international artists who love this scenery-like spot.

Kato Mili

It is the home of the historic windmills that overlook the old harbor. Constructed in the 16th Century by the Venetians, the emblematic windmills have now been converted to museums and are among the most popular attractions on the island.

Panagia Paraportiani

It is one of the most historic religious sites and the most photographed ones in Mykonos. Situated at the entrance to the Kastro neighborhood of Chora, its’ whitewashed walls form a unique, most unusual shape that consists of five small churches, built on top of each other in the 14th Century.

Panagia Tourliani Monastery

Located in Ano Mera, the second village of Mykonos, and founded in 1542, this beautiful Byzantine monastery was renovated by the holy monk lgnatio Basoula. Featuring beautiful icons, attributed to a Greek painter, fascinates visitors through the simplicity of its grandeur. The monastery’s collection includes old tools and utensils, religious relics, post-Byzantine icons and much more. While in Ano Mera it is worth paying a visit to the nearby Monastery of Paleokastro, a beautiful nunnery dating from the 18th century.

And if you have sometime left, take a ride to the old yet still functioning Armenistis Lighthouse, a rare monument located 6,5 km away from the main town.

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Source: florios.gr