Hospitality service providers in Greece saw turnover rise by 118.3 percent in 2021 over a year earlier with the popular island of Mykonos leading the way, according to the annual report released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).

The Regional Unit of Mykonos recorded the largest increase in 2021 where turnover was up by 277.4 percent. 

The Attica Region which includes Athens marked the smallest increase by 64.6 percent in 2021.

Athens, Greece. Photo source: Athens – Attica

Overall, according to ELSTAT’s report on the evolution of turnover for enterprises in the Accommodation and Food & Beverage Service Activities divisions for December and 4th quarter 2021, turnover for all accommodation enterprises came to 5,176,144,589 euros up by 118.3 percent compared to 2020, when turnover was 2,371,365,548 euros. 

Looking at the fourth quarter of the year (Q42021), total turnover for accommodation enterprises came to 868,793,952 euros, up by 104.9 percent over Q4 2020 (423,954,467 euros). 

Leading the way, was the Regional Unit of Zakynthos, marking a 210.8 percent rise with the smallest increase (56.8 percent) recorded in the Regional Unit of Kos.

For accommodation services providers obliged to double-entry bookkeeping, turnover in December 2021 came to 151,004,501 euros up by 93.9 percent over December 2020 (77,885,478 euros). The Regional Unit of Lassithi (Crete) recorded the highest increase by 361.7 percent and the Regional Unit of Chania (Crete) the lowest (69.1 percent.

For businesses active in food and drink (F&B), turnover increased by  25.8 percent last year against 2020 up from 4,084,227,880 euros to 5,136,822,479 euros. 

With regard to enterprises in regional units with a contribution to the total 2020 turnover greater than 1.0 percent, the Regional Unit of Thira (Santorini) reported the largest increase up by 161.5 percent for the year with the regional units of Etoloakarnania and Evia (hit by the fires last summer) marking the smallest increase at 6.6 percent.

Fourth-quarter 2021 turnover for businesses providing F&B services increased by 70.0 percent to 1,320,623,995 euros compared to Q4 2020 (776,795,990 euros). 

The Regional Unit of Thira reported the largest increase in Q4 turnover up by 189.2 percent compared to Q4 2020, with the Regional Unit of Korinthia recording the smallest increase (27.5 percent).

Food and drink enterprises obliged to double-entry bookkeeping saw December 2021 turnover increase by 118.9 percent to 137,104,168 euros over December 2020 (62,626,204 euros) with the Regional Unit of Magnesia reporting a massive 742.4 percent rise and the Regional Unit of Heraklion (Crete) marking the smallest increase by 64.7 percent. The Regional Unit of Halkidiki saw a decrease of 39.4 percent.