Popular series “Maestro,” which aired on Greek television this fall, has premiered on Netflix in Greece and Cyprus and will soon be available everywhere in the world with the new title “Maestro in Blue.” Created for Mega TV by Christoforos Papakaliatis, who also stars in the series, it’s the first Greek series to be picked up by the streaming service.

What should you expect from “Maestro in Blue”? If you’re familiar with Greek television, you’ll recognize the concept immediately: love affairs, family drama, and crime taking place in an otherwise idyllic small-town setting. The plot, which unfolds over nine episodes, sees musician Orestis (Papakaliatis) arrive on the island of Paxos to organize the return of the island’s summer music festival. There, he gets entangled with the lives of the locals, including someone he’s met before – the beautiful, but much younger Klelia (played by Klelia Andriolatou). Without revealing too specific plot spoilers here, it quickly develops into Kay Pollak’s “As it is in Heaven,” meets… “Ozark.” Themes of domestic violence, homophobia, and addiction surface quickly, as various members of the small community narrate from their perspectives.

Another thing you should expect is absolutely beautiful scenery. Located in the Ionian Sea near Corfu, the little island of Paxos is a green gem covered in tall olive trees, surrounded by clear blue water. The main villages, Gaios and Lakka, are small and picturesque, and most of the other settlements on the island are truly tiny, so nature plays a major part, although the neoclassical buildings in faded burgundy and ochre create warm backdrops as well. While turning increasingly popular as a tourist destination over the last few years, Paxos still feels largely unspoiled, and the series makes a point of highlighting that fact, though one might expect visitor numbers to increase next year as a result.

While small and much less famous than their Ionian neighbors Corfu and Lefkada, the Paxi islands (specifically Paxos and the uninhabited islet Antipaxos, which boasts vineyards and beautiful beaches), actually have an interesting history, featuring naval battles, pirates, and a succession of foreign rulers.

The closest airport to Paxos is located on Corfu, from where you can travel to Paxos via ferry. You can also get here on a ferry from Igoumentisa on the mainland. To find accommodation similar to where Orestis stays in the series, look for a house in one of the many tiny settlements named after families – you’ll recognize them by the “atika” suffixes (Orestis stays in Manessatika).

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