Hospitality enterprises in Greece posted a 62.6 percent increase in their turnover last year, totaling more than 8.573 billion euros, significantly up from 5.272 billion euros in 2021, the Hellenic Statistical Authority announced on Friday.

Specific businesses on the Ionian Island of Cephalonia posted the biggest increase in turnover, at 108 percent, while businesses in the Lasithi prefecture of Crete posted the lowest increase (28.6 percent).

Restaurants and various types of eateries recorded a 41.5-percent increase in turnover last year, totaling 7.882 billion euros, up from 5.571 billion euros in 2021. The Ionian Island of Zakynthos posted the biggest percentage increase (81.4 percent), while ones in the Achaia prefecture of western Greece the lowest hike (28.3 percent).

Both sectors’ accumulated turnover exceeded 16.45 billion euros in 2022, up by 51.8 percent from the previous year.