At least 350 ship repairs to date in Neorio

Greece is expected to be competitive in the international shipbuilding market, since many shipowners are already showing more and more confidence by bringing their ships to domestic yards. Starting with the Neorio of Syros, where by 2022 at least 350 ship repairs of all types had been completed, the shipyards of Elefsina and Skaramanga are following dynamically.

On Friday, in a special event held at the Elefsina Shipyards and before their official reopening under ONEX, the first ship, the Supramax freighter, of Star Bulk Carriers, Star Cleo with a capacity of 56,582 dwt and built in 2013, set sail. shipowner Petrou Pappas, who leads one of the largest listed shipping companies on the American stock exchange with a fleet of a total of 128 cargo ships.

Neorio-Elefsina Shipyards

American investment bank DFC has already given approval for funds amounting to 102 million euros in the form of a loan with the possibility of its conversion for the Elefsina shipyards. At this moment, the validation of the consolidation plan is expected by the competent court, while the management of the shipyard in collaboration with the workers are already taking measurements in order for the shipyards to be fully operational between June and August of 2023. The Elefsina shipyards have already progressed in cooperation with the Italian Fincantieri group, which is one of the largest shipyards in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

The president of ONEX Group, Panos Xenokostas, recently stated that the cooperation with the Italian giant does not begin and end with just one project, as the shipyard aims to develop its defense sector on an international level and be able to offer construction platforms to the global market. He added that there are many good designs and the group has agreed that if they are awarded a corvette program, the three will be built in Greece. It is noted that the President and CEO of ONEX, has announced as a sign of confidence, the reinforcement of the workers of the Elefsina shipyards with 1.2 million euros in December before the court decision.

The Elefsina shipyards have three tanks in which vessels up to 120,000 DWT (Capesize) and up to 276 m long can be docked. Each has two lifting cranes up to 18 tons. The Neorio shipyards in Syros are already moving at an intensive pace and according to data presented by the CEO of the ONEX group, 350 ship repairs had been completed by 2022, while 10 million euros had been paid in repayments and employee debts and another 5 million euros in debts to the tax office, social security and banks. He emphasized that more than 100 million came from docking ships for repairs in Neorio, while a total of around 20 million euros have been invested to upgrade its infrastructure.

The yard has floating tanks with a capacity of 75,000 and 40,000 DWT (Deadweight Tonnage) respectively. It is noted that in both shipyards of Elefsina and Neorio, vocational schools will be created. At the same time, in December, Neorio, in collaboration with cisco and the region, proceeds with the creation of a Marine Innovation Center, while in February, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the school for young craftsmen will be established.

Skaramanga Shipyards

The matter of the payment of the accrued wages of the workers at the Skaramanga Shipyards remains pending, which will be done through regulation in the Parliament. This is the payment of the ICC arbitration money, which will be awarded by the State to the administrators, to be allocated in its entirety to the payment of the workers. By the end of the year, it is estimated that the Skaramangas Shipyards will be transferred to the shipowner Giorgos Prokopiou, while an agreement with the investor will be sought so that no worker is left unprotected. George Prokopiou, one of the largest and most powerful shipowners in the world plays an important role in the developments observed in the energy sector.

It is noted at the same time that in the area of ​​the Skaramanga shipyards, according to a law that was passed and defines the uses, the development of an FSRU station is allowed. The investments will proceed with the fast track licensing process. In this particular shipyard, electronic systems and modern technologies will be manufactured on Navy and Coast Guard vessels, while yacht maintenance, retrofitting and construction will also be carried out. The shipyards have two permanent tanks of 500 and 250 thousand tons, as well as three smaller floating tanks (72 thousand, 60 thousand and 36 thousand tons). As well as an inclined shipbuilding bed for launching ships or their parts.

Piraeus Port Authority

An increase of 6.8% in the nine months of 2022 compared to 2021 was shown in terms of ship repairs in the Perama shipbuilding repair zone. According to the PPA, the ships that berthed for work increased from 190 to 203. In the tank sector, the serviced ships registered a marginal decrease of 0.9% in the same period. In the Piraeus Port Authority SA. a total of 5 tanks operate, 3 floating and 2 permanent. The Perama Repair Base operates: – Floating tank Piraeus III with a lifting capacity of 22,000t, length of 240m and internal width of 35m – Floating tank of Piraeus II with a lifting capacity of 4,000t, length of 113 and internal width of 18m – Floating tank of Piraeus I with a lifting capacity of 15,000t, length of 202m k 31m internal width – Permanent tanks at Vassiliadis Coast – Drapetsona – Large Permanent Tank 140m long and 18.5m internal width – Small Permanent Tank 85m long and 12.5m internal width