Greece is bracing for a heatwave starting tomorrow, with temperatures expected to hit the low 40s (Celsius). The heat is forecast to last until the end of the month, reports.

Based on the latest meteorological data, the heatwave which will start tomorrow Friday and will mainly be felt during the weekend for most areas of the country will not be extreme or dangerous in terms of the maximum temperatures, but it will be quite tedious in terms of the time period.

In the heat-sensitive areas of the mainland, as ND deputy and meteorologist Giannis Kallianos notes, temperatures will reach 41-42 degrees Celsius, i.e. lowland parts of Central Macedonia, for example, parts in the prefecture of Serres, areas to the west of Thessaloniki, lowland parts of Pella or the prefecture of Kilkis, the Thessalian plain, remote from the sea areas of Epirus, parts of Aitoloakarnania, Fthiotida and also Boeotia, possibly the westernmost areas of the Prefecture of Attica, parts of Argolis, Corinth and also Laconia.

As far as the region of Attica is concerned, the maximum temperatures for the next few days will be as follows:
Friday, July 22: 37-38°C
Saturday, July 23rd: 38°C
Sunday, July 24th: 40-41°C
Monday, July 25th: 40-41°C

The temperatures will be similar in the following days as well, after July 25th.