The Tourism Ministry in Greece is looking to penetrate new markets in 2022 as part of its national strategy to strengthen the sector which has significantly supported the Greek economy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The markets of India, South Korea and Arab countries are a top priority in addition to strengthening traditional source markets as well as those that supported Greece in 2021 showing confidence in the country’s strict health protocols and Covid management plan, said Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikiliasin an interview to Eleftheros Typos on Sunday. 

The minister admitted that 2022 will also be a challenging year albeit to a lesser extent than 2021, and the focus will also be on enhancing tourist flows from the United States with 14 direct flight connections.

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias

In terms of increasing revenue and extending the tourism season, Kikilias said the goal was to increase the Greek tourism product’s added value which will address both issues.

In this direction, said the minister, the government is moving ahead with the National Strategic Plan for Tourism Development 2030, which taps into EU Recovery and Resilience funding to develop among others accessible tourism products, connectivity, sustainable infrastructure, destination management and experiential tourism options, updated tourism education and training, investor-friendly legislation, and tax framework and crisis management.

Efforts to extend the tourism season, he said, are focused on promoting Greece’s winter and city break destinationscruise travel and the development of alternative forms of tourism that will have a limited environmental footprint.

“We want more and better quality tourism countrywide and not only at traditionally popular destinations. Our efforts are already bearing fruit; all agreements we’ve entered with large tourist groups and tour operators abroad. And we will continue in this direction with all our strategic partners,” said Kikilias, adding that this year the summer tourism season will begin earlier in spring.