Greek Deputy Tourism Minister Sofia Zacharaki in an interview with Athens-Macedonian News Agency referred to the strong dynamic which started the tourism season in Greece this year noting that it is a follow-up of 2022 when the performance of tourism exceeded all expectations.

“In 2022 tourism exceeded all expectations reaching, despite the international crises, the revenues of 2019 with the best performance in history in the three of our major markets, (Germany, France, and the UK), she noted.

Zacharaki also referred to January performances noting that the revenues showed a 72 percent hike and the arrivals 86 percent rise in comparison with 2022 underlining that the “scheduled flights to Greece are expected to increase by 15 percent compared with 2019, before the pandemic.

Regarding her estimation for the upcoming general elections, Zacharaki pointed out that the government, having assumed the responsibility for the correction of the long-standing pathogenies of the past in the railways and not only, will continue to produce work until the day of the elections. It will claim the vote of the Greek citizens based on the overall government’s work as well as on its proven effectiveness against the international challenges, many of which are before us.