There are restaurants in Chinatown that have been around since the 1920s—like the well-known Nom Wah, a tea parlor that also offers delicious dim sum. Even with competitive eateries opening up in other NYC boroughs, Chinatown still has plenty of delicious spots that are worth visiting. But, like most things in NYC, the choices can absolutely be overwhelming. So we pulled together some spots that are a must-try if you’re eating in the area. Here’s our top 15:

[Bonus spot: there’s a cart at 159 Hester Street called Cheong Fun Noodle that’s been serving amazing rice noodle and steamed noodle rolls for over 30 years.]

1. Buddha Bodai

Chinese food from Buddha Bodai NYC
Photo: @buddhabodai

Situated in the heart of Chinatown since 2004, Buddha Bodai serves up tasty vegetarian meals. Their most popular dishes include triple mushroom pan fried noodles, pan fried turnip cakes, and shrimp dumplings.

Where: 5 Mott St

2. Chikarashi

Asian food from Chikarashi NYC
Photo: @chikarashinyc

Offering a contemporary twist on Hawaiian poke, Chikarashi offers a selection of signature bowls that spotlight traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques. Each bowl is designed with intention and care, using the freshest ingredients and featuring delicious house-made sauces.

Where: 227 Canal St

3. Dim Sum Palace

Dim Sum Palace
Courtesy of Dim Sum Palace

There are a few Dim Sum Palaces around NYC, but the newest Chinatown location that opened last month is the largest in the city! They serve dim sum (as the name suggests), along with seafood stir-fry, shumai and BBQ pork buns, and a whole lot more! The best part though? They’re open until 4 am!

Where: 27 Division St

4. Dimes

Various food on a table at Dimes NYC
Photo: Dimes

The menu at Dimes changes weekly with menu items drawing inspiration from Japanese, South American, and Mediterranean cuisines. Offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner this menu has a large variety of dishes to choose from, all of which look way too good to eat.

Where: 49 Canal St

5. Joe’s Shanghai

Platter of food from Joe's Shanghai NYC
Photo: @joesshanghai

Serving Shanghainese cuisine, Joe’s Shanghai restaurant offers signature soup dumplings which have been the favorite of many for over 20 years. Their menu includes many more dishes in addition to their beloved dumplings, all of which are equally as tasty.

Where: 46 Bowery St

6. Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Dim sum platter from Nom Wah Tea Parlor NYC
Photo: Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Originally established as a tea parlor and bakery, Nom Wah has become a dim sum staple in NYC. Some of their most popular dishes include fluffy pork buns and crab claws encased in fried shrimp.

Where: 13 Doyers St

7. Xi’an Famous Foods

Noodles from Xi'an Famous Foods NYC
Photo: Xi’an Famous Foods

Part of a local Chinese food chain Xi’an Famous Foods features a menu containing spicy noodles, a plethora of dumplings, and some cumin flavored burgers. The menu isn’t large, but it’s definitely delicious.

Where: 45 Bayard St

8. Jing Fong

Interior of Jing Fong NYC
Photo: Jing Fong

For one of the best dim sum experiences you can have in Chinatown you’ll for sure want to check out Jing Fong. Take a seat in their massive dining room which even sports a stage for special events. Once seated dim sum carts will roll all around you with anything you could ever imagine. Some of their most popular menu items include their fried turnip cakes, fried shrimp and chive dumplings, and their chicken buns.

Where: 202 Centre St

9. Dr. Clark

Lamb chops from Dr Clark NYC
Photo: @drclarkhouse

The cuisine of Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, is known for its sea urchin. And while Hokkaido’s cuisine is Dr. Clark’s specialty, their star ingredient is mutton. Settle down under one of its heated communal blankets and dine under a twirling disco ball while chowing down on one of their many tabletop-grill specialties. See their full menu here.

Where: 104 Bayard St

10. Hwa Yuan Szechuan

Interior of Hwa Yuan Szechuan NYC
Photo: Gary He

Combining a modern experience with traditional Chinese cuisine, some highlights of Hwa Yuan’s menu include the spicy wine chicken and a sweet and sour fish. Many more items can be found here.

Where: 42 E Broadway

11. Alimama

Sweets from Alimama NYC
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Chu via Alimama Tea

This cafe and dessert shop in Chinatown will have your sweet tooth yelling and your mouth watering! The talk of the town is their Boba Milk Tea Cream Puffs, but they also have Vietnamese coffee, Royal Milk Tea with mini boba, Creme Brulee Mochi Donuts, and so many more tasty treats.

Where: 89A Bayard St

12. Golden Unicorn

Dim sum from Golden Unicorn NYC
Photo: Golden Unicorn

Golden Unicorn is another great dim sum option. From pork buns and rice rolls to baked pork pastries and rice noodle rolls each option is delicious. We recommend getting here around 10am on weekends to avoid a long wait.

Where: 18 E Broadway

13. August Gatherings

Food from August Gatherings NYC
Photo: @augustgatherings

August Gatherings is an upscale restaurant with menu items like boiled chicken and fish ball soup and roasted duck with dried plum sauce. This restaurant is a great place to go with friends, and also offers private dinner in Omakase style.

Where: 266 Canal Street

14. Deluxe Green Bo

Instagram/ @deluxegreenbo

Deluxe Green Bo made our list for the best dumplings in NYC and for good reason! They also have delicious scallion pancakes that are to die for! This spot is cash-only though so keep that in mind if you want to stop by for a quick bite!

Where: 66 Bayard St

15. Wo Hop

Exterior of Wo Hop NYC
Facebook: Wo Hop

If you’re looking for some of the most delicious Chinese food in all of NYC, you have to try Wo Hop. It’s gained some popularity on TikTok and social media in the past few months, and it’s all worth the hype! You can get any Chinese staple you want too (and for a good price), including orange chicken, dumplings, and more. Plus, it’s so intriguing to walk downstairs through the entrance!

Where: 17 Mott St