Transition from working to relaxing with mood lighting, a good decanter, and more.

I’ll admit it: Hotel turndown service is one of my favorite parts of traveling. I relish the feeling of coming back to my room after a day of sightseeing or exploring a new city and seeing the small space completely transformed: soothing music piped through the room, lights at a moody dim, chocolates or another treat on the pillow—it’s over-the-top indulgent and signals time to put your feet up and unwind.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the art of the hotel turndown since I’ve been under a stay-at-home order in New York due to the coronavirus—a situation that has forced me to work and subsequently relax in the same tiny apartment. In lieu of a commute, it’s difficult to transition from answering emails to unwinding without feeling like I should still be on-call at my desk.

That’s why I’ve been applying the turndown ritual to the living room of my apartment almost every night since the lockdown began. It helps me feel like I’m officially off duty and jumpstarts my evening. Here are 10 cozy products to help recreate a luxe hotel turndown at home.

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Philips Hue starter kit

When you want to shift the mood from productivity mode to relaxation, changing the lighting is key. The best way to achieve the exact vibe you want? Use a smart bulb set. I use a Philips Hue set of three bulbs, whose color and brightness settings I can control through an app. The bulbs have the capability to recreate any color the human eye can see, and the app has a custom color palette so you can create your own mix. As soon as I wrap up my work for the day, I grab my phone and change the lights to a peachy glow.

Buy Now:$148,

Globe lamp

I recommend using the smart bulbs in a globe lamp, like this one from West Elm. Not only does it show off lights’ colors, but it also looks like it could be from a suite in your favorite design hotel.

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Sonos One speaker

Next up, soothing music. A Sonos speaker will fill a room of any size with high-quality sound. Plus, it’s compatible with most music streaming apps, which means you can seamlessly choose it as a bluetooth option with minimal effort. All you have to do is choose the playlist.

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Parachute waffle robe

Although we’re pretty much all wearing cozy clothes while staying home, sometimes you want to get even more comfortable when you’re winding down. Take a note from the hotel closet and slip into a robe. This lightweight Parachute option is a good dupe for the waffle-pattern robe found in many upscale hotels.

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Restoration Hardware luxury plush long robe

If you’re in the market for something softer and more spa-like, this Restoration Hardware version is for you. It’s difficult to don this cozy robe and not feel instantly relaxed.

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Parachute chambray slippers

A good pair of slippers should be part of every turndown routine. And these chambray ones from the new Madewell x Parachute collection will keep your feet snug and stylish at the same time.

Buy Now:$40,

KOIOS wine decanter

A good glass of wine is usually the next step for me, and this bulbous decanter quickly aerates even the boldest bottle of red wine. It will enhance any of the bottles arriving from your wine delivery subscription. For a combination decanter and purifier, try Üllo—its decanter filters out sulfites, preservatives that some people are sensitive to.

Buy Now:KOIOS decanter, $33, or Üllo decanter and purifier, $104,

Raaka organic chocolate

Of course, the most well-known aspect of any turndown is a chocolate on the pillow. Recreate the treat for yourself with a few squares from this organic variety pack, which has gourmet flavors like green tea crunch and bananas foster.

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Classic tonic variety pack

One of the most unique turndown amenities I’ve received was at the One&Only Cape Town. Instead of candy, they gave me three small bottles of gin made from different varieties of local bush plants. This tonic set mirrors some of the same citrus and herbaceous flavors and can be added into cocktails or used to dress up sparkling water.

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Ultimate aromatherapy diffuser

The final step of your new turndown routine is a little aromatherapy. This diffuser comes with 10 of the most popular essential oils—just mix several drops with water in its basin and set the timer. Calming scents like lavender or mint will push away any lingering tension from the day and ensure your mind has left the office far behind.

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