When choosing where to dine, most of us consider location, brand, food variety, surrounding, and menu price range. But what if cash wasn’t a factor? There are a number of restaurants that offer premium and unique high-end culinary experiences. The list of the world’s most expensive restaurants trumps even the priciest restaurant in your neighborhood. These are the eatery joints for the, who-is-who at the top of political, celebrity, and sports world. Most of them are in Japan, Western Europe and a few in the United States. They attract the wealthiest and most moneyed types from around the world.

10. Masa, New York City:

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This restaurant is located at the Time Warner Centre in New York. It’s as much an experience as it is an eat-out joint. The senior chef Masa Takayama recommends a relaxed eat-out scene that accommodates up to 3-hour multi-course cooking event. The hotel does not run a fixed menu. When clients arrive, they are introduced with a number of fresh meals right out of the kitchen. The meals range from $350 per person minus tax or tip. The drinks available range from a minimum of $400 to a high of up to $2,000.

9. Le Pre Catelan, Paris:

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This pricey restaurant is situated right in the middle of Bois de Boulogne Park in Paris, France. The meals in this trendy restaurant start at around $85. The desserts are priced at about $43 while the a la carte exclusive meal goes for $130. The seven-course meal in this high-end restaurant is priced at about $255 including tax and tips. A seasonal 5-course meal costs about $199 per person. Some of these pricey meals are served alongside prawn ravioli within olive oil broth. They can also be served combined with veal combined with cinnamon-aromatic puree.

8. Misoguigawa, Osaka, Kobe, & Kyoto:

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This restaurant services French meals with Japanese twists. It’s located at an old steakhouse in central Kyoto. One of its notable meals is the Kaiseki-form French cuisine which has been served since the early 1980s. Its 8-course meal, costs no less than $162. A more specialized multiple course meals cost about $270 including tax. Even then it has to be ordered and paid for 5-days ahead of time. They offer desserts such as chocolate marquise along with berries in a sauce of pistachio cream. Some meals include beef fillet with buttered French beans, grilled pumpkin and potato soufflés.

7. Sublimotion, Ibiza:

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This underwater restaurant is considered an impressive work of art and hospitality when it comes to eat-outs. It’s thought to be the favorite destination for the world’ wealthiest. The restaurant boasts a litany of some of the finest cooks in the world who whip out unique meals at a moment’s notice. The meal constitutes a wholesome 20-course eating plan per person. The total expenses in this eatery come to about $2078 per person. Given the ambiance, services, and the overall experience it is well worth the pricey tag. That price tag places it in a league of its own.

6. Beige, Tokyo:

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This restaurant is coated at the top of Chanel Building in Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo. This is one of the outposts for world-acclaimed Chef Alain Ducasse. Chef Alain has a commercial enterprise involving cookbooks, restaurants, cook schools and culinary advice that rakes in $15 million a year. This restaurant also offers French cuisine with seasonal Japanese twists. The services are priced at about $259. The 3 or 4-coruse dinners come with a price tag of $147 and $190 respectively. The last bite is a chocolate designed as a Chanel button and costs about $25.

5. Aragawa, Tokyo:

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This restaurant has been in the top 5 priciest restaurants for more than decade. Its inclusion foments Tokyo’s place at the top, as the city with the highest number of famous pricey restaurants. The restaurant only seats 22 people at a time and it’s located at the end of a long hallway in Shinbashi service station. It’s famous for serving the world’s best Kobe beef. Some of the other popular meals served here include one whole smoked salmon each week, and charcoal grilled Sanda Beefsteak. The price tag for meals come to about $341 per person.

4. Gordon Ramsay, London:

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You most likely know this famous Scottish TV chef and popular restaurateur from the shows like Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and even Hell’s Kitchen. Their restaurants are very exclusive and high-end. The Chelsea restaurant has been crowned three Michelin stars since 2001. The eateries offer seasonal deals menu that has several courses and has a price tag of about £185 or about $320. The meals carry with them a 12.5% gratuity inching the cost up to an average of $355. This pricey meal can be accompanied from an $18, 850 bottle of red wine.

3. Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland:

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This three Michelin stars restaurant has seen a succession of world-famous Chefs for over 40 years. Its entire experience is designed to deliver and impressive sensory experience. It has received lots of adorable client feedback and professional rating. The restaurants senior Chef Benoit Violier was chosen as the Chef of the year in 2013 in Switzerland. Some of their dishes are accompanied by red fruit soufflé and summer roasted mushrooms, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-vie a white catfish prepared with lemongrass. Their dishes comes with several courses and have a price tag of about $415.

2. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives:

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This restaurant was voted the most beautiful and the priciest in the world in 2014 by New York Times. It’s about five meters underwater in the Indian Ocean. This gives it a 180-degree view of the chromatic gardens that surrounds it. The name Ithaa is Maldivian tongue for ‘mother of pearl.’ The restaurant provides European cuisines in a 6-course dinner. It’s priced at $320 minus drinks and tips. The overall dinner price tag comes in at about $500 per person. Some of their meals including luxurious foods like Black Angus Beef Tenderloin and reef fish caviar.

1. SubliMotion, Spain.

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This Spanish restaurant is located inside the Hard Rock Hotel, Ibiza. Typical dining experiences at the hotel lasts a few hours usually between two to three hours and sets you back $2,173 per person. This sets it up as a hotel for the very wealthy and possibly a few noveau riche. This $2000 meal involves between 15-20 course meals. The courses are based in the culinary art of a molecular gastronomy. Dining at SubliMotion is more than just a culinary experience it’s also a sensory experience involving visual art, piped music and hi=tech headsets.

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