What do industry representatives expect for this year?

Cruise representatives expect a full return of the industry to pre-pandemic levels as they estimate that cruise ship arrivals for this year will increase by 15% and ship occupancy will start from 85% and reach 100%.

At the same time, the season is expanding, while new destinations are being sought, such as the smaller and less well-known Greek islands, however, the rudimentary infrastructure remains a thorn.

The industry is strengthening throughout the Southeast Mediterranean and I believe that in 2023 it will surpass the levels of 2019, Mr. Spyros Albertis, Vice President of Port Operations, Route Planning & Fuel Management, of Crystal Cruises, a cruise company that has made since this year its home port is Piraeus with one of its ships and from 2025 it is planning something similar for Thessaloniki.

Cruise ships have raised occupancy rates for this year to at least 80%-85%, while arrivals have also increased by 10-15% compared to last year, continues Mr. Albertis, who participated in the annual meeting of the MedCruise Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports, held last week in Corfu.

Ms. Theodora Riga, General Commercial Manager and Strategic Communication Manager of Thessaloniki Port Authority-OLTH S.A. and Member of the Board of Directors of MedCruise aws on the same wavelength. As she noted to ot.gr, the data available so far on the performance of the cruise in 2023 internationally and in destinations in South-Eastern Europe show a continuous increase in the sector and in particular in Greece show occupancy rates that will reach 100% with increased approaches by approximately 15% .

Source: in.gr