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Jun 01,  · Many thanks for your prompt and useful reply. Since posting my query, I’ve spoke to the Logic tech support at AppleCare and they confirmed that the ESX24 plugin can no longer be used with Logic Pro and that Logic V no longer offers it. I’m now getting to grips with the new option, Sampler (Multi Samples) and I appreciate your help. Feb 23,  · Logic Pro ; Free EXS24 Instruments Free EXS24 Instruments. By offtheroad, Logic Pro X Mac Pro GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2, Joined Mar Share; Posted February 23, Drag and drop them onto an EXS24 edit window. Or put them on an audio track, select the track and choose Track > Convert to New Sampler. Jul 16,  · Download Course For Logic Pro X EXS24 for iOS to sampling Explored Course


Free EXS24 Instruments – Logic Pro – Logic Pro Help.Making EXS24 Instruments From 3rd Party Sample Libraries in Logic Pro : replace.me


Apple is adding Live Loops, as predicted and leaked. But the new release of Logic Pro X is far more than that, with new workflows for sampling, looping, and beatmaking on the Mac and with the iPad. It turns out the Live Loops interface we saw leaked — and previously in some form in GarageBand for iOS — is just part of the story. There are several big components coming together at once.

For long-time Logic users waiting for an update to the EXS24 sampler — which in turn underlies a lot of the soundmaking capabilities of Logic — this is that, too.

Sampler: a new-generation multi-sampling plug-in with new workflows and UI — but still backwards-compatible with the EXS The new UI is unmistakably current-generation Logic, but is also easier to compare to offerings from Native Instruments, Ableton, and others.

Quick Sampler: a fast drag-and-drop simplified sampler. Okay, yeah, there is some similarity to the same idea in Ableton Live. You can sample straight into the tool. Step Sequencer: a new editing view with step-based pattern editing, including note velocity, repeat, gate, skip, playback direction, and randomization. Drum Synth uses software synthesis and modeling not samples to produce kick drums, snares, toms, and percussion.

Anyone getting a pattern here? Drum Machine Designer was already in Logic, but this new version integrates with Quick Sampler and Drum Synth so that you can build kits out of those two tools. Remix FX are here as predicted, too — Bitcrusher, filter, gater, and repeater, looking for all the world like features associated historically with Ableton Live and later with Maschine , as well as some hardware think KAOSS Pad, for one.

And yes:. Drag and drop sounds everywhere. An integrated sample engine plus drag-and-drop sampling instruments means that sampling is now a core part of the Logic workflow — not just EXS24 as an island. More on this element soon. Autosampler is integrated. That alone might be reason to consider a move to Logic, and could easily be a topic for another article.

This feature has graduated to desktop form from the iPad, but it might be more appealing in the desktop context. But that brings me to one takeaway here. But — first impression suggests Apple may have really pulled off a coup here, in a more significant way than they have in a long time. And yes, the EXS24 overhaul is long overdue — that aspect also will deserve more detailed attention from people making soundware content. The latest Logic instruments and effects and workflows all start to look very consistent and integrated.

Apple has put them together in a way that looks clear and uniquely theirs. I have to see exactly how Live Loops fits in with this, but that is obviously relevant, too. We also start to see iOS integration that makes sense.

Logic Remote lets you work with the loop grid, even browsing and adding loops, and working with remix effects. Apple has been slowly overhauling Logic ever since it first acquired the software from Emagic over a decade and a half ago — with a lot of that team still involved, and pretty consistent management on the Apple side, as well.

And zones and mapping look easy to find, as well. Quick Sampler goes there, too. Both let you grab sound recording or drag-and-drop , loop, slice, and map zones. Well and having compared Quick Sampler to Simpler, the UI here has more in common with recent plug-ins than any host — down to a growing taste for animated visual feedback and clear semi-modular definition of structure.

Flattened UIs. This is the really good stuff, and it feels like the Logic team is even getting gradually more comfortable with the design language. Cough , Windows high-DPI. These cover a range. Like the flattened UIs, these are scalable — so the skins are basically there for added visual memory, but otherwise these have the same interaction advantages of the other redesigns. Things that are just actual pictures.

These mostly live in the background, actually, as a visual reference — though at least with the amps, they help to illustrate mic placement and remind you what a particular term means. Drum Kit Designer is a bit silly and an outlier.

Pedalboard is the more useful of these, and the closest to other software tools, in that you actually can manipulate the interface and interact the way you would with the real thing. Emagic lives! And that was Sort of? Ringshifter is still looking weird. Sculpture is beautiful.

Sculpture is more complex, so might need a side-by-side choice of the old and new. For Logic users, I look forward to giving Sampler and Simpler a full run-down, and seeing if Logic holds up to integrating Live Loops.

Live for its part does have great workflow integration of its own; these are really different approaches and with fairly loyal user bases, each. But it absolutely does make sense for these workflows to come to Logic in a form that fits its paradigm.

I agree with Apple when they say that this is the biggest update to Logic Pro X since its launch. Maybe with an ARM port? The day free trial offer is still going. In fact, even if you started a free trial in the old version, you can get the trial in this new one and the clock starts from when you download and install. Music tech Software Stories Tech. Peter Kirn – May 12, Add comment. New in this version — and some obvious points of comparison in the market place for each: Sampler: a new-generation multi-sampling plug-in with new workflows and UI — but still backwards-compatible with the EXS And yes: Drag and drop sounds everywhere.

Which UI got which refresh Apple has been slowly overhauling Logic ever since it first acquired the software from Emagic over a decade and a half ago — with a lot of that team still involved, and pretty consistent management on the Apple side, as well. But we have now three basic categories of UIs in Logic. Gerhard, meine Augen, das Brennen! But seriously. Ich bin kein junger Mann mehr. This is harsh.

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