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By Priya Pedamkar. Suppose you have been to a place where the languages you speak are completely different from each other and now you had some traveling issues and want to communicate the same with them.

Did you need a translator right? You opt to have someone who can understand your language and translate and let the opposite person understand what you wanted to say. In the same way, we would be writing our C code in a high-level language that is a human-understandable format. How would the program understand what we have asked it to do?

This is where the compiler comes into the picture. A compiler transforms and translates a high-end language to machine low level understandable language. The compiling process does basic translation mechanisms and also error detection.

The front end compilation includes lexical, syntax, and semantic analysis. And at the back end, the compilation does the code generation and optimization. Turbo C is one of the basic and popular compilers for the C programming language. This was first introduced in ; it was popular for its small size, compilation speed, and low price.

In , Embarcadero Technologies had re-released Turbo C as freeware. Do you remember this blue screen? The Tiny C Compiler is designed to work on slow computers with little disk space. This is an ARM processor C compiler. This compiler started its support to Windows from Some of its features are mentioned below. The Portable C Compiler PCC was a very early used and established compiler for the C programming language that is almost around mid This compiler had a long life span.

This was prevalent during a period in such a way that many of the C compilers were based on it. The advantages of PCC depended on its capabilities and probability predictions. PCC compiler was made such that source files were machine-dependent, not all but only a few of them.

It can detect syntax errors and can perform perfect validity checks. A new version of PCC was released on 10 December This supports many programming languages and it is a free software foundation under the General Public License.

This compiler was first released in and it supported only C- Programming language during the start. Here, each of the different language compilers has its own program that reads the code written and sends the machine code as the output. All of these have a common internal structure. When a high-level language is written, as per the language it is written, the compiler parses the code in that language and produces an abstract syntax tree.

Coming to the optimization part, as already known this can occur during any phase of the compilation. However, here the bulk optimizations are performed before the code generation and after the syntax, semantic analysis. Below are a few of the optimizations performed by GCC. In GCC back end is specified by preprocessor macros and functions specific to a particular architecture. This code is generally built by first calling a small snippet code which is associated with each pattern and generate instructions from the instruction set.

It is done using registers, offsets, and addresses that are chosen during the re-load phase. The current version of GCC is 9. Though there are many compilers available for C, GCC stands out to be one of the best as of now.

Through this, we can clearly understand that the Compiler is an important pillar to the programming languages. Without their work whatever program we write would just be garbage for the system. This has been a guide to Best C Compilers. Here we discuss basic concept, with explanations of C Compilers with five brief points. You can also go through our other suggested article to learn more —. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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How to Download and Install GCC Compiler in C for Windows PC – Something Fresh

Follow the steps below to set the environment path variable for MinGW on the Windows system. Linux Development. Step 2: Write a Hello World program in C. Click on the folder to expand and get the terminal. You could always just use gcc via cygwin. Get started.