With a series of contacts with representatives of the tourist market and messages of optimism concerning the progress of this year’s tourist season in Mykonos, the Municipality’s participation in the international ITB travel market was completed in Berlin and was held from the 9th to 13th of March with the participation of many professionals from the island.

Τhe estimations of reputable Tour Operators from Germany are encouraging, due to the circumstances in Europe, while strong was the interest in collaborations in regard to the promotion of the destination in the german and the international market.

In particular, from the organized meetings, occurred with the participation of the President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality, Tonia Andronikou, and the supervision of MTC GROUP, the following results were obtained:

-The possibility of tv films’ shootings were in talks with producers who collaborate with DEUTSCHE WELLE’s international networks to promote Delos, as well as with TRAVEL CHANNEL for the promotion of the destination to Latin America.

-A serious of contacts with travel agents and Travel Specialists was carried out regarding the creation of packages, focusing on luxury and honeymooning Tourism from the USA, China and Southeast Asia.

-It was announced by TRIVAGO the intention for the organization of a seminar by the professionals of the island regarding matters of Digital Marketing.

-In a meeting with the President of the International Union of Coastal and Seaside Areas EUCC, an interest in the emergence of quality traits of Mykonos, such as history and natural beauty, was expressed.

Finally, within the framework of the show, Mykonos was awarded by M-CRUISE as the “best Gay destination”, on the occasion of the first visit of the company/cruise on the island, aiming at attracting LGBT tourists. The prize was received on behalf of the Municipality by Mrs Andronikou.

Mykonos based Office of MTC Group Tourism Consulting Company of Municipalities of Greece.