The Chairwoman of HACC New York, Mrs Nancy Papaioannou met with Chamber’s Ambassador Mr. Kostas Skagias to discuss the promotion plan for 2019. Mrs Papaioannou wish to highlight the historical aspects of her place of origin, Mykonos, in New York.

Hellenic American Chamber of Commerce (HACC New York) and the team of the project Mykonos Promo – Greek South Aegean Islands Promo – MTC Group, join forces to promote the historical aspects of Mykonos island and its people to the New York city, using innovative and interactive technologies.
The concept of promoting Mykonos history wascaptured by theHellenic – American, with Mykonos origins, Chairwoman of HACC New York, MrsNancy Papaioannou, who discussed her idea with Mr. Kostas Skagias ,Aegean islands representative and corporate relation manager of MTC GROUP Consulting, Strategy Manager & Implementation of Project Mykonos Promo and Chamber’s Ambassador for the Aegean islands – Mykonos based.
During their meeting, Mrs Papaioannou expressed her wish the promotion plan should highlight Mykonos’ history and tradition in order for the island to maintain its authenticity and attract high educational and economic level visitors from USA and especially from New York.
Within this context, Mr Kostas Skagias, presented the new mobile applications and interactive social networking tools, which are designed by a team of experts in the fields of new technology and tourism from London, New York and Mykonos (MTC Group team and team).
These apps are under the auspices of HACC New York and combine the traditional forms of promotion with the digital innovative technology.
Aim of the project is to attract upscale millenial visitors to Mykonos and to enhance their knowledge for the island and Platinum Members of Mykonos Promo project –, providing them with accurate information.
During next month, Mykonos’ apps will be fully developed and ready to be presented in major tourism and travel shows in New York and internationally.